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Tailored Loose Furniture Covers

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Tailored Loose Furniture Covers

At Carroll's Covers we believe that loose covers are ideal for your furniture for a number of good reasons. When those loose covers are tailored to the high standards that we employ then your furniture will be better protected and match any colour scheme.

Why change your furniture when it is still comfortable, and in good condition? Most people want to change their furniture because they are changing the colour scheme of their room, or the furniture is looking tired and unfashionable. Loose covers will transform your furniture without having to replace your favourite chair or much loved sofa or even that chair you keep for sentimental reasons.

With Loose Covers you can protect your furniture from life’s little accidents, such as

  • your children’s sticky fingers
  • pets muddy paws
  • clumsy relatives at family gatherings
  • and especially day to day living

Choose from a wide range of colours & textured fabrics, from the more traditional colours and designs, to the very popular neutral tones, to the more modern and vibrant of fabrics.

You can choose from our range of beautiful machine washable fabrics ideal for Loose Covers. Or at Carroll’s Covers we also offer you the option to supply your own choice of fabric, Washable or dry cleanable the choice is yours.

Bring life back to your furniture, choose Carroll’s Covers.